List of Songs

Original Songs:

Music and Lyrics in Russian by Natasha Meadow

New Year Song-January 2001

My Knight-September 2001

Two Suns Are Your Glowing Eyes-September 2001

Why, Tell Me, My Love?-December 22, 2001

Leaves of Autumn-January 28, 2002

Inside Out –March 8, 2002

Stairwell of fate-March 2002

Beverage Against Love-April 2002

Flirty Girl-Spring-May 1, 2002

My Heart-May 31, 2002

You Know-2002

Underline-June 25, 2002

Image From Yesterday-June 29, 2002

Forecast-August 9, 2002

Fairytales About You -August 2002

Summer Is Running-September 5, 2002

Clue to Happiness-December 4, 2002

Universe-December 8, 2002

I Should Not- December 10, 2002

I’m Pushed To Go To A Doctor-December 12, 2002

Lullaby-January 10, 2003

Forever Or For Now-2003

Time Is The Best Doctor-July 7, 2003

Festival Of Life –July 2003

Don’t Hang On-November 26, 2006

Love At The Fifteenth Sight-December 13, 2006

Playing At Love-January 27, 2007

City of Dreams-2007

For How Long Could It Go On?-February 13, 2007

I Would Love To Forgive You At All- November 3, 2007

Follow Your Sixth Sense-January 24, 2008

Stars-October 1, 2010

To You-November 2010

Without you-2014

Celebration Day -February 2015

Flying As A White Bird-2015

Music by Natasha Meadow,  Original Russian Lyrics by Natasha Meadow translated into English

Fairytales About You (translated by Tania Dudina and Magdalena Capurso)-2005

Inside Out (translated by Tania Dudina)-2005

Stairwell of Fate (translated by Tania Dudina)-2005

My Knight (translated by Natasha Meadow and Laura Traum)-2006

Playing At Love (translated from Russian into English by Julia Leykin)-January 27, 2007

City of Dreams (translated from Russian into English by Julia Leykin)-2007

Forever Or For Now (translated by Lara Traum and Jessica Arrango)-2008

Leaves of Autumn (translated by Laura Traum and Jessica Arrango)-2008

Lullaby from Childhood (translated from Russian into English by Sasha Palmer)-2013

Without You (translated from Russian by Sasha Palmer)-2013

Music and Original Lyrics in English by Natasha Meadow

Break The Chain -December 2008

Sold Out-July 17, 2010.

Mine -November 26, 2010

You’re number one (dedicated to my fiancée)-March 8, 2015

To My Grandpa-April 2015

Whatever It Takes-June 11, 2015

Collaborations (music by Natasha Meadow, lyrics in English by Natasha Meadow and other writers):

To The Days (lyrics by unknown author)-2003

Miracles (music by Natasha Meadow, lyrics by Catherine Sarah Manna with Natasha Meadow)- August 2014

Yes, I Do (music by Natasha Meadow and Catherine Sarah Manna, lyrics by Catherine Sarah Manna)- January 2015

Conspiracy of Your Heart (music by Natasha Meadow, lyrics by John Kitsco)- March 2015

Fallin’ (music by Natasha Meadow, lyrics by Catherine Sarah Manna)- May 10, 2015

Fly Away Little Bird-(Music by Natasha Meadow, lyrics by James Hancock and Natasha Meadow)-June 2015

Halloween Fairytale (music by Natasha Meadow, lyrics by Natasha Meadow and Maria Lucia Safi)-July 2015

Pop and Jazz nstrumentals:

F Major-1986

B Minor-1996

B flat Major-2009

D Major-2010

Jewish Songs and Instrumentals:

Hymn of “Hillel” Jewish Organization -2000

Israeli Medley-2002

Yiddish Medley-2004

Original Gypsy-Jewish Fantasy-2008

Suite of Original Jewish Songs and Dances-2009

Over 70 pop vocal melodies.

Songs in progress:

On My Way To Happiness-2005

Only You And Me In The Whole World- 2007

Bright Day-July 2007

Your Light-2007

The Seventh Miracle Of The Earth-2008

Evergreen Love-October 2010

Hand In Hand-August 2015