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       Nataliya at Fez Art Cafe


I’ve been writing songs for the whole life since the tender age of 6. To delight of my parents, I sang for the first time in my life when I was just 8 months old. It was a chorus of a New Year song well-known in Russia.

I remember myself composing both music and lyrics by my very first song, “The Sun isn’t burning”. This is how my creative journey of writing classical art songs started. I enjoyed composing music to preexisting poems by other authors. My father guided me through this interesting process: he picked up some poems for me to read, and mostly I was always inspired to create music to the poems right away. He gave me valuable creative suggestions on how to match music more perfectly with the mood and nuances of the poems. He encouraged me to write songs as special presents to my Mother’s birthday and for Holidays every year. It became a family tradition: I composed and presented songs to my Mother and Father on their birthdays. As you can guess, they were always blown away.

All my songs that I had been writing till the age of 15, were in Major keys, very light, peaceful and happy. Then as long as I grew up, and my musical language was developed, I there were more and more dramatic songs in Minor keys with complexed chord progressions.

It was truly the climax of composing art songs when at the age of 18 I was inspired to write a cycle of 3 songs based on poems by Marina Tsvetaeva which I won the First Prize for at the International Gartow Competition in St.Petersburg.

Meanwhile, little by little I started getting interested in styles of music other than classical. I literally fell in love with the music of Matia Bazar, Bony M,  Teach In, ABBA and a Russian pop band called Beat Quartet “Secret”. These  music influences opened the new door to the world of popular music for me. I began composing pop melodies! I imagined some famous pop band performing those “songs” as if they already have had lyrics. I enjoyed singing the “lyrics” in my own language that I made up.

I believed, some other person would appear in my life who will be interested to write lyrics to my pop melodies till… at the age of 19, all of a sudden for myself, I started writing my first poems! This is how I realized a few years later that I CAN and SHOULD write my own lyrics to my melodies. By the age of 25 I realized that writing pop songs is not just a hobby to me anymore. People should hear what I came up with. This is how the new era of writing my own lyrics to my melodies started.

In a few years I already had a bunch of new songs about different topics: love, joy of childhood, noticing stars and beauty of the world through the daily life routine…

When it came to producing the music of the songs, I found a studio and realized again: with my solid classical music background, I’m the only person who want to be in charge of making a music arrangement and producing by myself. Hours spent in a recording studio have always been my favorite hours.

After moving to USA from Russia I discovered a whole new world of opportunites for recognition of my songs. Just in a few years I got a lot of awards and excellent feedback reviews from different Song Contests and competitions including 14th Billboard Song Contest. See the reviews here:

I never thought that I would later be able to write lyrics in English which is not my native language but in a while, after I participated in the Independent Music Conference co-writing team session in 2010, I realized…YES, I CAN writing lyrics in English! AND I can translate my Russian lyrics into English as well! Sure, just ability to write is not enough to get it to the highest level so I started learning and mastering my craft with every new single song written.

Last year I was lucky to attend Indie Music Channel Summit in Hollywood, LA where I met my future collaborators who I happily co-write songs with now. If at the earlier stage of my life I realized I didn’t really need anybody else to co-write songs with, now I see that joining efforts and talents in a team could bring you to some new wonderful paths in your life which I experience now.

Yes, you guessed it right, I’m opened to co-writing collaborations and would love to hear from you wherever in the world you are!


Natasha Meadow