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Natasha is known for her deep, singing-like sound, soulfulness and “incredible dynamic control and dexterity” (New York Stringer Magazine). Piano professors of St.Petersburg Conservatory she graduated from, called her “A magician of piano”, and it was a funclub of other students who didn’t want to miss any of her concerts and public exams!

Natasha has been playing as a soloist, ensemblist and accompanist in Bargemusic, Weill Recital Hall, Steinway Pianos, Bechstein Piano Centre, Symphony Space, Di Menna Center for Classical Music, Austrian Cultural Forum, Liederkrantz Foundation Concert Hall and other New York City venues. She plays pieces from a classical repertoire, new music of contemporary living composers and her own compositions.


  • Honorable Award, Young Virtuosi International Piano Competition (Czech Republic, 1989)
  • Special Honorable Award for Musicality, A Culture of Performance, Knowledge and Understanding of Music, Young Virtuosi International Piano Competition (Czech Republic, 1989)



  • Rachmaninoff, the Impassioned Songwriter, released with Mapleshade Records (2006)

Nataliya played accompaniment to 22 art songs by Rachmaninoff; sung by Svetlana Furdui.

She brought along Natalya Medvedovskaya, a young genius pianist-composer who’s one of the very few accompanists able to match Svetlana’s power and drama, as Mapleshade Records notes.

Listen to the samples, see the full CD review and purchase the CD here:

Rachmaninov, the Impassioned Song Writer


Natasha Meadow Plays Pieces from the Classical Repertoire:

Chopin Berceuse, Op. 57.

Scriabin Sonata # 9 “Black Mass”

Rachmaninoff Daisies.

Schumann Noveletta in F#m.

Schumann Arabesque in C major, Op. 18.

Chopin Mazurka in Am, Op. 67, No. 4. 986.

Chopin Mazurka in B Major, Op. 63, No. 1.

Mozart Sonata in C major, K330, I. Allegro moderato.

Mozart Sonata in C major, K330, II. Andante cantabile.

Mozart Sonata in C major, K330. III.


Natasha Meadow plays contemporary composers’ pieces

Lowell Liebermann Sonata # 1 in C