List of Compositions

“Adventures of Nils” suite for Full Orchestra-2015 – in progress.

Quintet for Clarinet, Trumpet, Violin, Cello and Piano in C Minor-December 2008.

“First Snow” for Oboe, Bassoon, Violin and Piano in A Minor-2007-credits: The world premiere of ”First Snow” was presented by the Poulenc Trio at the An Die Music Series in Baltimore, MD, in February 2009 and at the “Wall to Wall Behind the Wall” International Festival in Symphony Space in New York City in May 2010.

Pantomimes” Suite for Clarinet and Piano-2006:

“Alarm in the Ant-Hill” – for Bb clarinet.

“Waltz of Poisonous Mushrooms”- for A clarinet.

“Tiptoeing Invisible Beings”-for A clarinet.

“Serenade of the Dolphin”- Bb clarinet.

“Tango of octopi”-Eb clarinet.

“The Trip of Solar Bunnies”- for C clarinet-piccolo.

Credits: The Suite was commissioned by Ben Redwine for a performance at the International Clarinet Convention in Atlanta, GA, 2006.  A year later, it was performed in Symphony Space in New York City.  The suite was recorded for the upcoming Mapleshade Records CD release of Nataliya’s compositions.

“About Prague with a Smile” cycle of 3 art songs for soprano and piano based on poems by Boris Goldberg:                                                                                                                                           “Mozart’s Table”-2005                                                                                                                         “Ballade About Ian Nepomutski”-2006                                                                                               “Karlov Bridge”-2006

Fantasy for Viola and Piano in F# Minor-September 2005-credits: Broadcast two times by the classical music radio station in Connecticut in 2010.

String Quartet # 2 in 3 movements in C# Minor-April 2005-credits: Premiered at the Chamber Music America Conference (New York City, 2007), Albuquerque Music Festival (New Mexico, 2007) and at the Museum of Fine Arts (Florida, 2007).

“Music of Love” cycle of 4 songs based on poems by Mordukhovich -2004:

“A Woman of My Love”

“Can’t Imagine My Life Without You”

“Be Repeated”


Credits: The cycle was performed in Davidson Radio Concert Hall, Brooklyn, NY in 2005.


Song dedicated to September 11, 2001 based on poems by Mordukhovich-2004.


“Intervals” for piano-educational cycle of character pieces for children-2004:


Second-“Little Chicken”

Third-“Adventures in the Labyrinth”

Third-“Missing a Friend”

Fourth-“Olympic Games”

Tritone-“Halloween Thriller”


Fifth-“Morning in a Village”

Fifth-“The King’s Tower Bells”


Sixth-“At the Dance Lesson”

Seventh-“What a Pity!”

Prime and Octave-“Skipping Rope”


“Let Music Sound in Our Home” song-2004

3 Soundtracks to “I will Avenge you, Iago!” film by American director Zhenya Kiperman

Compositions that were composed prior to arrival in the United States:


Songs for Children’s Choir and Piano dedicated to the 300th Anniversary of the Founding of St. Petersburg-revision and rearrangement of the school age songs composed earlier-2003:

“Sunrise on the Neva River”

“Everything a Man Touches”

“Music of Light”


Songs for Children’s Choir and Piano-Revision and rearrangement of the school age songs composed earlier-2002:

“Spring, by Spring, About Spring”

“Everything is New Today” New Year song

“Rooks Arrived”

“Skylark Yula”-for Children’s Choir, Flute and Piano (the 1982 version of the song had no flute, it was just for voice and piano).


Concerto for Cello and Orchestra in F# Minor-revision of the Concerto for Double Bass and Orchestra-2001.


Sonata for Cello and Piano in 3 Movements in F# Minor (includes Ballade for Cello and Piano composed earlier that became the first movement of the Sonata)-2000.


Piece for Harp Solo in F# Minor-1998


Compositions during Enrollment in St. Petersburg Conservatory:


Concerto for Double Bass and Orchestra in F# Minor-1996


Ballade for Cello and Piano-1995


“I Fed a Flock of Piano Keys from My Palm” art song for soprano and piano based on poems by Boris Pasternak-1995.


“Lilac” art song for soprano and piano-1995


Sonata for Flute and Piano in 4 Movements in C Major (variations for flute and piano composed earlier have been included into the Sonata and have become the 3rd movement of the Sonata-1994).



String Quartet No. 1 “August 1991” Bb Minor-revision and rearrangement of  the String Quintet composed earlier-1994-credits: Premiered and performed by the legendary  SAINT PETERSBURG STRING QUARTET since the early nineties in a number of U.S. cities,  receiving glowing reviews in the LOS ANGELES TIMES, the WASHINGTON POST, St. Paul Edition, Kalamazoo Gazette and the Charleston Daily Mail. The Quartet was also performed at the Music Mountain Summer Festival (2005), Mohawk Trial Concerts (2006), and was broadcast internationally by WQXR.


Suite for piano in 4 hands, flute and voice based on Selma Lagerlof’s “Adventures of Nils” fairytale-1994-credits: Recorded for Mapleshade Records upcoming CD-release of Nataliya’s compositions.


Variations for Flute and Piano-1993


“Carousel” art song for soprano and piano based on poems by Garcia Lorca-1993


Cycle #2 of 3 Character Miniatures for Piano-1993:


Tryptich of art songs for mezzo soprano and piano (or soprano and piano) based on poems by Marina Tsvetaeva:


“In My Great City”-1993

“Thy Name”-1993

Credits: Composition was awarded First Prize by the Gartow Foundation International Composition Competition (St. Petersburg, 1995).  Performed by the First Prize Winner of International Vocal Competitions, Veronika Reznikovskaya.


Cycle #1 of 5 Character Miniatures for Piano-1992:

“Gossip Women” A Major

Scherzo in Bb

March in Bb Minor

Lullaby in B Major

Burlesque in A Minor


High School Age Compositions:


String Quintet for 2 violins, viola, cello and double-bass- revision of the octet-1992


(Octet for flute, clarinet, vibraphone, 2 violins, viola, cello and double-bass)-1991


“Bells” Prelude in G# Minor-1991


Scherzo for Violin and Piano in B Minor-1991


“Being like a Meadow for Myself.”  Eb Minor art song for soprano and piano based on poems by Boris Pasternak -1990-credits: Performed in the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Hall in 1990.

(Sketches for Some Ballet)-1990.


“The Dream” in G# Minor art song for soprano and piano based on poems by Boris Pasternak-1989- credits: Performed in the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Hall in 1990.


“Secrets”- 4 Movement Suite for Piano-1989:

1) D Minor

2) A Minor

3) G# Minor

4) F# Minor


Middle school age compositions:


Concertino for Two Pianos in One Movement in C Minor-1989-credits: Broadcast by the “Russia” Russian radio in 1989.


“Everything A Man Touches” song-1988


(Untitled Ab Major Song)-1988.


“To The Woman” art song based on poems by Brusov-1988


“Forest Magician” song-1987


“Fine Things Cannot Exist for Nothing” song-1987


“Everything Around Me Is Just 12 years Old” song-1987


(“Shadows” for Piano in C# Minor)-1987


Scherzo for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon in F# Minor-1987-credits: Broadcast several times by the Russian radio and performed in the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Hall in 1988.


Hymn song dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Special Pre-College Music School of St. Petersburg Conservatory (where I studied): “Our School Is Not A Simple Building”-1986

(“Conversation” for 3 Violins in E Minor)-1987.


“Starling” song-1986


“A Strange Girl” for piano-1986


Piece for Harp Solo in E Minor-1986


Piece for Harp and Flute in B minor-1985-credits: Performed in the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Hall in 1986.


“Motherland” song-1985


“Snow is Falling.” Bb Minor art song for soprano and piano based on poems by Boris Pasternak-1985-credits: Broadcast several times by the Russian TV and Russian radio and performed by Nataliya Medvedovskaya in the pre-eminent St. Petersburg Philharmonic Hall in 1986 at the age of 12 years.




Elementary School Age Compositions:


(Extemporization (Impromptu) for Piano in C Major)-1985


(Music Moment for Piano in C Minor)-1985


( “Snowy House in a Village” in G# Minor)-1985


“Detective Story” for piano-1985


“Night is Going to Sleep” song-1985


“My City” song dedicated to the 40th anniversary of a victory in the Second World War-1985


“A Moment”song-1985


Concerto for Two Pianos in One Movement G Major-1985


“Spring” Song for Violin and Piano in G Major-1984


(“Beauty of a Vivid Word” song)-1984?


“The Muse” song based on Shakespeare’s Sonnet #38-1984


“Dreams on the Sea” suite of two pieces for piano-1984:

E Minor

F# Minor


“Traffic Lights”-1984


Quirky March in G Major for Piano-1984


“Rooks Arrived” song-1984


“Rain and Rainbow” for piano-1984-credits: Broadcast several times by Russian radio and performed by Nataliya Medvedovskaya in St. Petersburg’s famous Capella Concert Hall in 1984 at 10 years of age.


Russian song in D Minor for Piano-1984


Scherzo in C Major for Piano-1984


“Morning in the Forest” for piano-1984


“Spring, By Spring, About Spring” song-1984


“A Girl like Sunshine” song-1984


“Raindrops” song-1983


“Madonna” song-1983


“Give Me a Special Gift, The Morning” song-1983


“Everything is New Today” New Year song-1982


“Music of Light” song-1982


“Skylark Yula” song-1982


“Cinderella” Suite for Piano-1982:


“Wicked Mother-In-Law and Her Sisters”


“Ride to the Ball”

“Festival Procession”

“Waltz of Prince and Princess”


(“Music Is a Magic Work”) song-1981


“Club of Young Musicians” song-1981


Minuet in G Major for Piano-1981


(Prelude in C Major for Piano)-1981


(Dedication to Raymond Pauls in G Minor)-1981


(Dedication to Schumann in F Major)-1981


“Sunrise on the Neva River” song-1981


“Spring” song-1981


“Romance” for piano-1981


Preschool Age Compositions:


“Rainbow Arch” song-1980


“Sun Isn’t Burning” song-1980


“Little Horse” for Piano-1980


Etude in C Major for piano-1980