Classical Composer

Available for commisions from soloists, chamber music ensembles, orchestras and choirs 

Principal Commissioned Works

  • String Quartet # 1 “August 91” (based on collapse of the Soviet Union)

Composed for St. Petersburg String Quartet

Performances: Merkin Hall (New York, NY), Bargemusic (New York, NY), Yale University ( New Haven, CT);

Mohawk Trial Concerts (MA, 2006), Summer Mountain Festival (2005), Edinburgh Festival of Art, Music, and Animation (Scotland, 1997),

St. Petersburg Music Spring (Russia, 1995)

Also performed by PUBLIQuartet, The Velveteen Quartet, Nevsky Quartet

Press: Washington Post, LA Times, Charleston Daily Mail, St. Paul Edition, Kalamazoo Gazette

Broadcast by WQXR


  • First Snow for oboe, bassoon, violin and piano

Composed for Poulenc Trio and Anton Lande (violin)

Performances: Wall to Wall Behind the Wall International Festival (Symphony Space, NY, 2010), An Die Music Series (MD, 2009)

Press: Word Press Lucid Culture (2010)

Broadcast by Q 2 Music WQXR


  • Pantomimes, suite for clarinet and piano

Movements of the suite:

Alarm in the Ant-Hill, Waltz of Poisonous Mushrooms, Tiptoeing Invisible Beings, Serenade of the Dolphin, Tango of Octopuses,

Trip of Sunbeam Reflection

Composed for Ben Redwine, clarinet

Performances: Bechstein Piano Centre (New York, NY, 2009), Symphony Space (New York, NY, 2007),

International Clarinet Convention ( Atlanta, GA, 2006)

Piano part performed by the composer in all venues

Press: New York Stringer Magazine (2007, 2006)


  • String Quartet # 2

Composed for St. Petersburg String Quartet

Performances: Chamber Music America (New York, NY, 2007), Albuquerque Music Festival (NM, 2007),

Museum of Fine Arts ( St. Petersburg, FL) 


  • Concerto for double-bass and orchestra

Composed for Yuriy Yakovlev, Principal bassist of St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra

Performances: St. Petersburg Conservatory (Russia, 1996)



First Prize, Gartow Foundation International Composers’ Competition ( Russia, 1995) for Tryptich for mezzo-soprano and piano based on

poems by Marina Tsvetaeva

Best Classical Composition, Indie Music Channel (Hollywood, CA, 2015) for A Joke for flute and piano

ASCAP Plus Award (2008)

ASCAP Plus Award (2007)

Second Prize, Golden Hannukia International Composers’ Competition ( Berlin, Germany, 2005) for Sonata for flute and piano